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"It's a Sony!"

i was confused what the commotion is all about i didn't know which chapter they picked this one up until i realized it is an original half way through. I pretty much lol'd at Akiba saying "It's a Sony" didn't think i'd hear that again then when jin explained why Nagi is mad, lastly was when Jin is apologizing w/o knowing Nagi isn't there. I had a feeling she wasn't there anymore, took a toilet or someting but it turns out she went to get some snacks, oh Nagi you

i know it's weird but, i think Jin and Akiba running to each other was great. Daitetsu-kun's rival has appeared!

it's a good episode overall with a decent Tsugumi screentime too w/c is the reason why i give it a 9.5 rounded up to 10.

So i'm guessing this will be a 13x2 episode.. i guess
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