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I personally don't care about the route of the character I appreciate when it is about an avatar/signature, especially that novelty of story is hardly the selling factor of NW which has a very poor drama for every heroines anyway. Your mileage vary anyway, but she was the character I appreciate the most. Pretty much the same way how I felt about Lucia in Rewrite.
Yeah, NW did have poor route presentation. It also didn't seem too different from tenshin, I was hoping for another genre shift.

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My thoughts so far:

Spoiler for Lucia, Kotori routes:
Well, believe me, the scale goes pretty far, so it's best to stop and take a break so you don't get overwhelmed with details. Don't make the same mistake I did.

I'm back to lurking, until related news comes out. Still will be checking this thread from time to time.
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