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I personally liked the rewrite when i treated as a novel not done by Maeda. The overall way it turned out wasnt too different from what I expected in terms of how each author developed the plot for each of the heroines.(I could easily predict the division of the characters when even slightly into the route~especially for Lucia, Chihaya, and Akane) The main comment I have on this is that it seems like a novel that actual needs to be read carefully and pondered about. It obviously isnt as raw or simplistic in its appeal in comparison to Key's previous powerful pieces, but it still holds plenty of value in my opinion. Speed reading in 12 hours or skipping a story line or such seems to really detract from it in my opinion. You really have to read it slowly(i spent like a week per each arc....and i mean a lot of time per day for it...around 2-14 hours a day, averaging around ~6-7ish per day?). I tried to pay attention to the various intricate parts of the overall world and had to reread parts that had just happened along with the parts from longer ago(along with visiting minor choice differences-light the slight changes from reinforcing different parts which were practically negligible other than some line changes). I felt like this was more along the lines of a ryukishi07 novel in the sense that you had to think a lot in it to really enjoy it. (not to say I didn't enjoy some of the nice emotional scenes) Skipping(or skimming) over the scenes that describe the world though, in my opinion, really cheapens your view of how the world is setup(setting), the plot, and even the heroines story lines. I also believe that you have to be more reflective of the novel as if you could be in it in a sense. Another way to say it is think about some of the main problems in retrospect to the world. The clearest example is that is the with the (no duh) environmental problems. Thinking of the story in retrospect to these seems to bring out lots of interesting things you can assume about the plot on top of what is presented to create a more complete vision of the story. (on top of being meta brain food? or something like that)

This isnt to say that I love the novel to the extent of previous key titles. I was expecting something a bit more....consistent than the very divided result. It did though, in my opinion do plenty better in some aspects and worse in others compared to the previous key novels.

The main complaints though about the divided storylines i've seen here (and dont just think that people dont completely read the I did for a few hours....) is mainly on questioning ambiguous parts of the plot that are either meant to be at that level(like some previous key novels and many others) and others that seem to be easy to reduce to some basic possible explanations through reasoning of major, minor, and very minor details.

Ok now time to respond to the overly active Lucia chat~
......actually...... ill leave that to next time

Edit: actually i may just be overthinking this because this VN allows it more than most other VNs I have read. Who knows?

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