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Sengoku (Present) 19 - Upon the Stage

The tone didn't really get any cheerier from last week. The world was still soaked in grays and other dark colors. Not even Mitsuhide's naturally purple hair could change the tone. I thought it was a little weird that everyone involved in the play was from previous episodes, but since it was a play, they would need people who already had other identities to do it. Thus why Meiko was Hideyoshi and Ieyasu was Machiko. Those final few moments were bizarre, with Morilanty and Kibayashi's double deception, and Nobunaga being dead. Only she really isn't. We know she isn't. She's been in several episodes before this. So we had a play within a dream, all taking place in Mitsuhide's mind.

This version of Mitsuhide is far less snippy than Yahagi or Kitamura's takes. Yoko Hikasa brought quite a lot to the performance. Mostly because, for her, Honnoji has already happened. And on that note, thanks to Nobuna, I caught the name in the pun Okemi Hazama. Clever, writers. (Not only that, Oke(mi)hazama was played by Yoshimoto. Another layer of creativity added.) And we're in the middle of a two parter.

The stage has been set.
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