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Originally Posted by Cyprene View Post
It's never outright stated, but I'm almost certain it was. The flaming column might've been something else, but that was Honnouji.
Lots of it might explain something.
But imagine that the pillar of fire or the temple that was on fire .... Oda would "commit suicide"? jumping in but for some reason there was a magic in that moment that the enmmener in our time and thus save narrowly ...?

example may be that at that time to Honnuji she trying to kill Oda has escaped from the temple it is outside and they talk follows that Oda decides to jump into the fire and what happens what happens ... which is why Akechi Mitsuhide was quite worried when she called that day?

But here she finds herself in our time also loses the memo and forget their conversation and when she remembers she did recalls that she made ​​to kill Nobunaga Oda-sama ...?
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