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I'm not questioning the fact that Natsuhi used red, I'm questioning your statement about Battler being allowed to use red only because he was told to repeat stuffs.
Repeating stuffs isn't a requisite to use red as Natsuhi and Battler successfully used red in Ep 4 & 5 without having to repeat anything.
Please don't take those reds out of context now.
In Natsuhis case it was somesthing she could definitely say herself, regardless of whether she was a witch or not. It was a simple truth only Natsuhi herself could know about. Not even Shanon would know that she was the only one who was tald.
Plus in this case its very likely that 'lamda just colored her sentence' red.

Regarding battler:
EP 5:

Before completely understanding the rules:
Natsuhi not culprit: Repeated from virgilia and also granted by her
Knox rules: The rules were a fact, plus Dlanor said them so often (notably in red) that this is also just 'repeating'

After understanding the rules:
After that he became game-master like, thus allowed to use the red, as a gamemaster.

Originally Posted by jjblue1 View Post
This is a theory.
Where would be the clue for the golden truth used by Beato the elder in Ep 6? Especially considering they knew it was a trick?

And which would be then the difference between a golden truth without proofs and a red truth without proofs?
or between a between a golden truth with proofs and a red truth with proofs?

The colour?

Why one is labelled as golden and the other isn't?
I never claimed it wasn't.
This theory is simpy the logical consequence of the explaination Dlanor provided.
Dlanor herself said that it can be weaker than red or stronger than red. And considering how battler always spoke of 'that body' as if we had all seen it already one can easily conclude that something like the corpse moval might have happened.
And tbh, it wouldn't surpise me.
We were shown and escribed scenes that were much worse.
The point is, you don't think of it as 'that body' if you don't have a specific one in mind already.
From that one can conclude that we were hinted that the corpse exists in EP 5 too.

Originally Posted by Wanderer View Post

I really loved how Dlanor rejected Battler's recital of "Natsuhi is not the culprit." with Knox's second.

Actually, this is exactly what gold truth must be for. If you think about it, our own personal gold truth is ultimately all we have to rely on to understand the story, since we can't be 100% certain of anything being reliable, even red.

That's why gold truth is called "a human truth" and red "a witch's truth".
I agree, some of the reds are clearly untrue.
For example the one that Genji couldn't have left his room becauuse Eva sealed it and there were no finger prints.
If Erika had sealed that room ok, she has the detective authority and is thus allowed to seal a room perfectly.
Eva however is not, so Genji could have actually left his room from the window in EP 5.
Ep 6 gives the hint for that.
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