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I'm still with the theory that forgeries even include the Meta. Ange reacts to the Dlanor and Gaap skirmish in EP6, doesn't she? Featherine/Hachijou just tells her that there is an answer.
There's no reason to believe that the meta is part of the Forgeries in my mind. I think the "Reader Theory" angle accounts for it better. Basically, there are two forgeries called End and Dawn, but we didn't get to read most of them. Instead, we read part of End up to about the Second Twilight and Dawn right up to the point where Erika discovers the letter outside the guesthouse. And we may or may not have gotten unfiltered versions of those narratives even so (honestly, I would suspect all the episodes make small alterations to the Forgeries as they were written in-universe).

I think it's possible to believe in an orthodox version of Dawn. Just remove all the meta-commentary and it basically works like it's presented:
  • Erika shows up and makes an annoyance of herself.
  • The four mothers, Maria, and Battler are "killed" in closed rooms.
  • Erika begins to investigate, first by separating the survivors into rooms at the guesthouse.
  • Erika discovers a letter informing her that Battler's body has disappeared.
The Forgery would then probably continue from there. Or perhaps it doesn't, and the draft of Dawn never gets that far before Touya and Ikuko start debating and discussing it, argue the "Logic Error" as a problem with the narrative, and shelve it. Or perhaps it was just to prove a point.

The point is a meta-narrative isn't a necessary component of the board narrative itself, even in "interrupted" narratives like ep5-6. Now, when you look at Requiem and Twilight, that might change somewhat. However, we know from ep6 that works called End and Dawn exist in some fashion, even if just in "Hachijou Tohya"'s collection of works (i.e. it's a Forgery the Hachijous were working on but never finished if it wasn't publicly released).
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