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Similarly, why would Kyrie or Rosa or whoever call Battler on the phone and switch places with him in his original proposed solution? There's no puzzle reason to want to do it (Battler's supposed to vanish, not just transpose with another person), and if they were going to warn him about something... well they have nothing to really warn him about if they don't know Erika's going to kill everyone, and if Erika is going to kill everyone... they're already gonna be dead.

But with the criminally underdeveloped board narratives in End and Dawn it's impossible to even guess at what they were supposed to be like after their interruption. One presumes Erika never did any such sealing in the "original" Dawn, but how can we be sure?
Well, theoretically we can assume that the next 'magic' was for the corpses to switch places so Kyrie would have gone in Battler's place, Battler in... let's say Rosa's, Rosa in Maria's, Maria's in Eva's, Eva in Natsuhi's and Natsuhi in Kyrie's.

However as you say with the little plot we're told about Ep 6 there's no way to know if there was a planned reason for Kyrie to switch places with Battler apart a meta one.

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I'm still with the theory that forgeries even include the Meta. Ange reacts to the Dlanor and Gaap skirmish in EP6, doesn't she? Featherine/Hachijou just tells her that there is an answer.

I just finished watching anime Banquet, and... EVA never confirms *anyones* death in red, except Nanjo's. She just goes on to confirm the location of the survivors. Beato did confirm 1st Twilight and 2nd twilight, but twilights 4-8 were never confirmed. I was kind of dissapointed, because Battler could have came up with a Natsuhi Culprit Theory just with that.
I need to check this one but wasn't MetaAnge who reacted to it?
Though in Ep 5&6 there's so much back and forth from Meta sometimes I get confused...

In Ep 8 manga version is said that Dawn was a tale in which 'nobody was at fault' (and that's Dawn the tale he placed in Beato's grave in Ep 7) so it seems strange there were deaths in it, unless the whole thing means 'nobody of the people we love is at fault but it's okay for Erika to be the culprit as we don't care about her...'
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