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Originally Posted by BetoJR View Post
There's a fundamental flaw to your stance, Darknemo2000... the more information we have on something, the better our perception of that something turns out to be. It's just a matter of depth perception (not the visual kind, by the way) - and a factual one, at that.
Now, you can discount that information all you want, but more information about a character does, indeed, add to that character's depth. If you don't think it's all that relevant to the way the character behaves or whatever, well, that's another matter entirely.
It depends on what you call character depth. If background info on that character is depth then Ranma or Goku must be one of your greatest models of characters depth.

I count depth not as a background information but actually how profound the called info makes the character to be. After all there are cases where we get a lot of info about characters background but it still doenst create a very deep or realistic charcter with whom one could easily empathize with.

So it is not a flaw in my position but rather my opinion, which you call flow based... on your own opinion, which is not better or worse than mine, and which will turn out into another sparring without any conclusion anyway.

typhonsentra, I do not think it really humanizes him. To do that you would need to make charcter realistic, for me Kitamura's acts are not that unrealistic (even considering the teenage age, you have to remember that not that many teenagers tend to overact as this). Again this is my opinion but I feel that the tension constructed in here feels too forced, even if we take his age into account.

Now if he would be made as a realistic character to begin with then yes, but he is far from that and one hastily thrown flow hardly make him deeper because he still looks artificiial (like most harem leads) and his problems look like that as well. Again this is my opinion (I now will need to add this to me every sentence so taht poeple do not think that I am making it into objective sentence).

Originally Posted by HayashiTakara View Post
Is it just me or is the likelihood of a TaigaxRyuuji ending seems to be getting slimer by the episode?
Thats one of the thing I do not like too much in the series. Romantical build of RyuujixTaiga is very poor and yet the author wants them to be a romatically involved pairing. For me it looks better if they were to remain soul buddies, and Ryuuji would find his happiness with Ami (or Maybe Minori, is she would change her ways of acting). Romantically TaigaxRyuuji just do not look solid enough, tahts why it can make you question the likeness of such ending. But at least from what it looks the author wants it to be this way...

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