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I'm not too familiar how bombs work, but is toying with a detonation switch not asking for an accident? If you rapidly turn on and off something, something is bound to happen. Especially seeing as it's connected to an old antique, I'm assuming that flipping the switch causes it to set something in the bomb which confirms it will explode. What if some sort of electrical discharge, or something stupid happened to screw it up? To add on to this, it was heavily raining and thundering that night, sure it's an underground base but...

This series has shown us that this family is just damn unlucky/lucky to have some of the most coincidental things happen. Everyone could have been actually having a great time, enjoying their family get-together, and then this happened.

Also, on the subject of love:

''Love is also an illusion, mutal love is the agreement of two never to wake up from the illusion''.

Also, to be funny and to pose a stupid theory without thought. Wouldn't it be funny if the delusion Battler saw of Kinzo was actually his corpse in the distance, being attached to strings like a french doll and made to point forward?

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