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Touma would probably be killed by the Knight Leader if it's 1v1 as of Vol17... in NT, who knows if he has got some kind of powerup that can match him later on?
That time before NT, Acqua tried to cut his arm off, but first gave him a chance after crushing him.

If Acqua would tried to cut his arm first, then the same event with Fiamma would have been triggered.
Touma is mainly known because of his right hand, so people like Izzard will try to rid off that problem without taking in account the baaaaad consequences of their actions .

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Though you know want I realistically do want to see? Touma grabbing spells and redirecting them back.
I think IB then should be weaker or with an amazing control, but I think that functionality seems to be independent of Touma's will.

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The "One that cleanses God and exorcises the Devil" and "The one who surpasses the God" also fits Jesus tough if you split God into his three aspects: Father (God), Son of God and the Holy Spirit (part of God ).

"One that cleanses God" - calming down the aspect of the Father so his wrath doesn't punish the humanity. God who was wrathful and prideful in Old Testament becomes forgiving and caring thus you can say that he was cleansed

"One that exorcises the Devil" - by taking on himself all of humanity's sins and dying for humanity's sins, Devil is exorcised from souls of humans (for the time being). I general, Devil is evil that resides in souls of humans and makes them commit sin. Do notice that Touma does the same to most of villains: after preaching and punching them, they turn or start turning good thus you can say Devil was exorcised from them
"The one who surpasses the God" - Son of God surpasses the God in (some?) Christian beliefs. While they are considered to be one being, it is the Son of God who is primarily worshiped by Christians and the one whose teaching they claim to follow

Roman Catholic Church turning against Touma mirrors Jewish Temple turning against Jesus, both for religious and non-religious reasons.
That one applies very well to this line:
Though he only has one hand, Fiamma still shook his head.

“… But, it no longer matters what happens to that.”

Incredibly, an expression of abnormal passion that has long disappeared from his face has arisen once more.

The demon which possessed him has left.

“Seeing your expression, I feel what I have done before was a total waste of time. Probably at that time I had that same expression. At the end, someone that will truly save the world would not have that expression. … At that time, that place, that person will stand at somewhere where no-one else can reach.”

Fiamma has the feeling that he can understand somewhat what he is lacking.

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