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ARRGHH, mine is not ready yet ... need to take a deep breath, look at the picture again and pinch myself to make sure that it's not a dream or an illusion.


*It's still there *

*taking a shit of paper and writing a letter*

Dear Mom and Dad,
Yes, I've been waiting for that since may 2010, now that It happened, I'm so glad my eyes are gonna burst out of their orbits.
I just hope the Misaka haters from the forum won't silenced me before the volume is out.
In order to survive, I'm gonna hide myself in Siberia 'till December 10th.
And I'll be going to Japan to purchase this volume even if I can't read Kanji yet so don't be surprised if I'm not home the next 30 days. 
One last thing, tell the college that I'm in hospital 'cause I don't want to be expelled for such a weird reason.
Thanks for your understanding.

I'm looking forward to see you again

Your dear son, that is showing all gratitude for your giving of irreplaceable gifts : a chance for you son to live and to experience true happiness in this world

PS : YESSS!!! zaihagaogbuaga God exists!!!!
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