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Originally Posted by Xacual View Post
I thought it was his second mother that hated him. Or whatever.
Wasn't Manabu and Mayami have same mother but different father? Mayami is the daughter from the second husband, if I recall.

Originally Posted by MysteriousLurkerGuy
I think Manabu's parent complex is more internalized than anything else. His parents probably didn't hate or even dislike him
I don't think the problem is Manabu, because according to him and Mayami herself, Mayami used to hate him too due to influence from her parents. And then Mayami once punched Shiratori after he said he didn't want Manabu to get close to him, because it reminded Mayami of her past self who didn't want to recognize Manabu as her big brother.

Though we probably can guess the change of Mayami is because Azuma/their grandfather, but I'd like to see it properly, as well as the backstory of how Mayami and the Maid Cafe manager met and made their promise.
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