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Noticed that too, but its One piece somethings really don't have to make sense, on the other hand the new world is a dangerous place I guess even he peaceful countries would need the bestest weapons o the market wether that be the black or normal market.

I dunno.... to be honest, I'm still leaning toward Caesar's line being a mistranslation because quite frankly, those speedy scan groups don't exactly have the best track record in terms of decent translations. That's why I'd rather ask someone more familiar with the language to clear things up.

Still, if Caesar's line really was accurate, I'd love to see how that business negotiation went down:

"Good day, sir! I'm the president of Tranquilopolis, the most peaceful nation in the New World! We've never had any history of wars, pirate attacks, or cruel dictatorships since our country's founding. Despite that, we decided right out of the blue that we want.... nay, need a deadly weapon of mass destruction to keep any and all potential enemies at bay. That being said: Ya think you can hook a brutha up with a WMD, Mr. Scientist-Who-Looks-Like-A-Demon-Clown? "
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