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Originally Posted by Darth SpiderDen View Post
Even if this is a 4-koma gag romance manga, it still has a better romance and plot than some of the more mainstream romance mangas.
Well done.
Congrats for the new couple, hope to see the hilarious double date with Reina and Manabu.
So true

So we still have some mysteries left like how Manami and the cafe manager met/start to going out, the true story about the ghost (Kuroki, is it?), and of course Manabu's mother...

Originally Posted by Om Nerabdator View Post
Hijiri knows what she wants and not afraid to ask...well demand lol

Spoiler for 48:

Reminds me of that mini date they had when they met on the train
Yeah. The scariest one is always the quiet one

I also LOL at Shiratori's floating hand when he announced he and Hijiri are going out. Seems like he's overthinking like he always does, doesn't want to make physical contact unless Hijiri is the one making move, making him looks like a coward. Though it's hilarious when his pervert side's coming out XD
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