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Originally Posted by I<3killerloli's
Is there any chance of somebody making an English Hack/Patch of the game and releasing it on the net for Enlgish speaking fans? I'd love to play the game, the show is the most intriguing anime I've seen in a while.
Probably not as there were no interest in this game in the English speaking world. If you love the anime and want to play the game, please buy the game out of respect of the creator. It's only around 1500 yen for the Onikakushi~Himatsubushi disc, and 1000 for Meakashi~Minagoroshi disc. That would be the simplest and the fastest way for you to play the game. Obviously you'll need a Japanese dictionary at your hands if you can't read it.

By the way, didn't I mention to myself quite a while ago how questions like these seem to pop up everytime an anime based on a game comes along? It's getting tiring. I'm adding this rule to this Q&A so no one asks these rhetorical questions over and over again.

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