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- How to vote in Saimoe -

1. First, you need a vote code. So, go to this link:

2. Click the link indicated by the red box seen here:

3. After a few seconds, you should get a screen like this:

The area highlighted by the red box is what time (in JST) you code will become available.

4. After about 2 or 3 hours of wanking off, it should now be past the indicated time. Reload the screen and you should get something like this:

The area highlighted by the red box is your vote code.

5. Now head on over to 2ch and to the current thread. Scroll to the bottom and you should find something like this:

A - Text Box
B - Send Button
C - Username
D - E-mail
E - Link to Directory

6. Copy and Paste your vote code into the Text Box, then add the names of who you want to vote for including the <<'s >>'s and @'s. Oh, and it all has to be in JASCII, their parser is rather anal about that detail.

- You can ignore the Username and E-mail areas. You can give yourself the nick "Harry Bahls" and can type in "" as your e-mail and it won't make a lick of difference.

7. Click the send button. It should be obvious whether or not your post was accepted or not. If it did get posted, congrats you contributed!

8. If it didn't send...

a. It may be your post is too big. You're limited to 20 lines of text and the largest physical size it can be is 20kb. It may be you need to trim your post down and try again. Or...

b. It may be that the thread is closed. 2ch closes thread when they reach 1000 posts or its physical size reaches 512kb. Click the link that is being indicated by the letter "E".

9. Scroll down a bit and you should see a s***load of links. Thankfully, the thread we want is usually one of the first three. Click the first link that starts with "アニメ最萌トーナメント2008".

10. Now go back to Step 5. If you still can't post or it turns out you were in the current thread, then you're likely more screwed than schoolgirl in a hentai. Sorry.
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