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In the first episode,we saw Layfon when he was still a small kid,but already became a member of the Tenken.As a proof of him being a Tenken,the Queen gave him 2 things...first was the Sky Sword (the one he used in episode 1),and secondly the Tenken title Volfstein (I'm not sure where i read this but literally itmeans a Swordsman).

When he fought against Garhald (as shown in episode 9),he wielded the Sky Sword with him,and also when the match ends,the announcer mentioned his name as "Layfon Volfstein Alseif".This means that even before he fought against Garhald,the Tenken title was already belong to him..he didn't even need to fight against Garhald to obtain the title,coz he already became a Tenken few years before the match between him and Garhald even started.

Beside it doesn't make any sense isn't it if he was expelled by the Queen becoz of the incident of him chopping Garhald's hand IF he was not a Tenken.

EDIT - Ah swt i mistook Garhald with Gorneo....gomen >"<

EDIT2 - To add to the post above...well we don't actually know the past history between Garharld and Layfon before Layfon was accepted into the Tenken.But i think Garhald's grudge towards Layfon was not about the Tenken title...probably something else.Unless someone can show me any line from the novel itself that Garhald and Layfon did fight before for the Tenken title.

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