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Originally Posted by Masha View Post
I want to ask someone who read the novels couple of questions.

Who is Savaris to Layfon? Why he is using golden wires just like Layfon?

Also, what is Sevaris' relationship with Layfon - does he like him and is Sevaris kind of good/nice kind of sarcastic guy - or one of these psychopatic charismatic handsome bishounen who obsess over their younger partners (aka Black Cat Train/Creed).

finally, is there any connection between Layfon and strange behaviour by City fairies, I mean once he arrives the Zuellni starts moving toward filth monster and abandoned towns kind of a like Grendan. Just strange coincidence?
God knows what Savaris thinks and who he likes, well only things I know about him are, that he hates weak people and he is all the times cheerful and has never displayed any hatred for anything except Filth monsters.

Also about the deal with Layfon and faries and strange incidents that have happen ever since he came along. Well wether its coincidence or not, still doesnt change the fact that it had too happen since its an fantasy (novel, anime, manga) and it has to have alot of diffrent activitys and stuff, not the same one over and over, that would be boring.
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