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I believe I read somewhere that a war with shiva is only a last resort, wenn the writer has no more ideas. Furthermore wenn Ise starts to build his group the moment the war breaks out his group will be of little use. because they will have no experience and little strength. In my opinion if Ise is to get his own evil pieces it has to be either very soon so the level in strength won't be to huge (still huge but less) or after he fought vali and has some peace for the future, so he can choose his team with care and train them to a point where they can stand there own. You don't build your army wenn your at war you build your army in peace time.
I think the war with Shiva is Indra's intention. Whoever is the enemy or side that Ise will go the war with is too far to be brought up now. The moderators do not like that kind of discussion in this thread, so best to keep it about character discussion and volume 14.
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