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That would s*ck. Out of 2 volumes per year, which we barely can wait for, we get one SS volume. If it goes at this rate it, DxD will be going on for the next 5-7 years.
Lol. Regios which is also published by fujimi shobo has so many short volumes in between them. There was a time when Regios had two short-story compilation volumes in a row.

Man, story arc 4 will be the longest in terms of number of years....

Originally Posted by peinmaximus@ View Post
hey n0m@n,how is the scenes in the bath with ravel and akeno trying have sex with ise?
Ravel's bath scene will also be in life 2, so it will be better to read the translation.

Originally Posted by Yye1 View Post
Based on the pattern, im guessing that the irina SS is going to be on vol 15
If they are adding the short story which has been mentioned in the main volume, then the following are those short story which may appear in volume 15.

-Mahou Shoujo Ria☆For Real!?(The old sub title of Volume 15. So high chance of being included in volume 15)
-The Sun is a Oppai! (The short story where Poseidon appears)
-The Record of Chichiryuutei's pleasured trip (Vali's adventure and Crom Cruach is mentioned)
-The Decision of the Student Council (Ise joining the student council)
-The Love song to the reincarnated Angel (Irina's short story and Griselda appears)
-Let's Go for training!(Akeno's short story. All of the leaders of the Fallen Angels appear and are named.)

Though since there will be Kiba's past story included in volume 15, only 4 or 5 of the above short stories will be included I guess.

And since fujimi shobo loves making money, they will most likely release a short-story volume AGAIN next year.....
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