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@velsy alright bro your only up to v10 which yes is a very very very controversial me i was in the deep for the controversy.

anyways yes during the part where rias asked him what he is too her and he responded "buchou is buchou" the only reason they got mad at him was because he was so dense he didnt know her feelings and they knowing full well of it blamed him because they all know exactly how she's feeling but they later made up for it by "healing" him mentally of raynare.

lastly, about the harem option...Rias and all the girls have accepted the fact that it is issei's dream and know full well about it which is why they place themselves in certain spots for issei's love. they know full well Rias is at the top and thats who he loves most and spends time with the most. which is why after v10 she begins to start to act like a wife rather than a master. Asia holds the number two spot due to her always having a special place in issei's heart and theyre love for each other (it is speculated she will join issei's peices once he becomes high class), akeno is third for the same reason. so its not like he wont have one. he will have one but just with the current girls and his peices once he gains them and maybe some wives on the side like kuroka and kunou have been speculated. anyone who joins isse's harem will have a special place and will get their equal attention just like now but he's still overcoming obstacles like he says "the road to a harem king sure is hard" and he's still learning to deal with all the girls. so in my opinion and many others the harem will succeed
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