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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
This is just my own personal little gripe/hang-up (I'm saying this totally as an anime viewer only, whatever role on the forum I have totally notwithstanding), but I have to say that one of the things that kind of turned me off to this show is the fact that the fanbase constantly refers to Sena as "Meat" too. I totally understand why Yozora did it, and even that Sena has accepted it as her first nickname... but even if this is supposed to be part of her character (and all fanservice shows unavoidably objectify women), I still can't get over the disrespect of talking down about even a fictional character that way. I think that, even from what we've been shown in the show so far, there's actually a lot more going on in her character, and people referring to a large-breasted character as "meat" as some sort of term of endearment or "battle cry" doesn't send a good message about her good points to anyone. Yozora chose that term because it's an insult, and fans of the character referring to her in the same way seems just as insulting to me (and insulting to the intelligence of the show and its fanbase -- it's like we've become savages or something). So my wish is that fans of Sena would refer to her by name, because even as a fictional character, she's a lot more than just "meat". Again, I'm saying this totally as an individual fan, not anything else.

Anyway that's my own personal rant for whatever it's worth. I know everybody's just trying to have fun in the spirit of the show... but yeah. Now back to your regularly scheduled discussion...
That is a good note. This nickname isn't a good one, though there is a meaning to it, because the majority of peers really do just view her as a bag of meat, and ultimately she becomes defined by that term. And indeed this kind of attitude is insulting and demeaning, which actually reflects a lot on her character as you start to realize why she behaves like that.

She doesn't respect other people because others don't respect her, so she must feel superior by excelling. And by excelling, people get even more jealous of her.

So on second thought, I guess a fan of her shouldn't constantly call her that considering what it really means. Maybe.
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