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Danzou was hokage for a few days, and in those few days he managed to make the other 4 villages enemies
He openly admitted that he wanted the whole ninja world under his command, so it's not difficult to imagine him as long term hokage. He would have used all the resources of Konoha to wage wars, most of Naruto's generation would have probably died at a very young age in wars against other villages. Taking out Sasuke, akatsuki and kabuto/orochi of the equation, we get a kage summit where Danzou fails, but since he is already hokage failure is not an option, he would lose his title by failing. So i guess he would do something extreme, for example announce war and then use Izanagi to kill everybody in the kage summit. With Izanagi he would be able to kill most of them, so that there are less witnesses of his betrayal and more importantly he can announce war. War is very important for dictators, it strengthens their position in their own country, so i guess after killing the kages he would announce war. Since he cannot have war against 4 villages he would probably think that sparing Gaara as an ally will help him, and Gaara would be smart enough to temporarily accept this role only to survive and be able to ally with Naruto and Kakashi to stop Danzou. That would be an interesting story-line, one that doesn't contain Sasuke
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