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The recent events made me wonder and realize that Danzou had affected a lot of antagonists in the series, and even lead to their transformation as the villains, I mean, The Uchiha brothers (Itachi in particular), Kabuto, and Nagato (you know, his alliance with Hanzo to destroy the rising group of Yahiko), that could have even lead to the formation of The Akatsuki...
The road to hell is paved with good intentions; although how good Danzo's intentions actually were is anyone's guess T-T It's amazing the Third Hokage didn't DO SOMETHING about Danzo's eeeeeeeeeeeevilness.

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Turned out? Danzou's character has stayed the course since his introduction, he's an ultra-nationalist slimebag...He was introduced as a guy who takes orphans, brainwash them and force them kill each others as training nearly three hundreds chapters ago, there is really nothing new here.
You know, now that you mention it...EH GADS, WHAT IS WRONG WITH DANZO??? Although to be fair, the two elders also seem to have had a large hand in the Uchiha massacre; I wonder what their role was in all of this (perhaps we'll learn in Itachi's required flashback before he dies AGAIN T-T)

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Just a thought. I know many have joked that seeing this flashback has something to do with Izanagi... it would be a fun twist to the entire concept of the flashback that Kishimoto so often uses (and will undoubtedly use again when the Tobi fight officially starts).
I LOVE that idea, a jutsu that messes up your pre-death flashback, trololol.
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