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When Kishimoto was focusing on Asuma, he revealed that he and his father had a falling out. It actually felt like Kishi was going to air some dirty laundry about Hiruzen. But he didn't go down that path and has always tried to portray him in a positive light. With Danzou as the bad guy. Which only makes Hiruzen look more like a weak leader who couldn't control Danzou.

To me it would be like Naruto being Hokage while Shikamaru is running a shadow government, and doing what he wanted right, under Naruto's nose. It would make Naruto look like a moron. More than usual.
I think the better and at least partially intended analogy would be to the relationship between Hashirama and Madara during the former's tenure as Hokage. We've seen through flashback that Madara had no issues screwing over other villages in ways that invalidated agreements they already had with Hashirama -- the exact thing we see Danzou doing here. The difference, of course, is that Madara eventually got cranky and ostracized enough to go through with openly challenging Hashirama. I would also point to Sasuke as a more likely dark counterpart to Naruto than Shikamaru, since I thought part of the intention of the Danzou fight was to relay a deep sense of irony in the fact that the man for whom Sasuke held such hatred and disgust was similar to him in a lot of ways.
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