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WTF did I just watch? If the aliens don't appear again that's a horrible plot device. While I. can deal with strange I just have no idea which direction this would go in.

Interesting how he immediately went and uploaded everything onto social media and hacked the videos. I guess that makes it very relevant to the times.

So thesis the from the guy that did Gantz? Never read it but have seen the anime and live action, and can see the resemblance. Though I wasn't a fan of the horror aspect, probably won't stick with this, but will give it 1 more ep.
Yep, Inuyashiki's by Gantz's creator.
The source manga ended last July at 10 volumes, so there's a complete story for them to adapt.
IIRC the creator said he wanted Inuyashiki as a short series, to avoid it from getting too convoluted and bloated like Gantz's manga.

Spoiler for spoiler on aliens' role:
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