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I have taken history lessons in both Japanese and American and both seemed biased to each other's advantage and debating pre-WW2 history it is a complete bi-polar argument.
Japanese education does not handle much of it and the US handles it so much from the American's view it really is narrow from my point of view. The western side ignores on how white supremacy affected judgement during that period. Yes it teaches what had happened but it does not go into depth on why it happened.

I know I am basing my opinion on knowlege I accumulated 20 odd years ago but I really do not think it had much changed.

Originally Posted by aohige
Yeah, becuase you know, nothing new ever comes out of Japan.
I am a Japanese, and I know exactly what I am saying. Yes Japanese come out with something new BUT it is far and few and the process is painfully long and most of the meeting becomes out of focus I am afraid.
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