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ドラマCD - 魔法先生ネギま! ドラマCD ~さらば愛しき紅き翼~
Drama CD – Mahou Sensei Negima Drama CD ~ Farewell my beloved Red Wings~

Track 1:
Albireo: It was almost thirty years ago, what had started as a minor conflict on the very edge of the Empire and Coalition had grown into full fledge war. Within that conflict, the members of Ala Rubra : Nagi, Rakan, Eishun, Zecht, Gatou , Takamichi, and I, Albireo Ima, went to rescue Princess Arika who had been kidnapped by the mysterious Cosmo Entelecheia. In the darkness of night, Ala Rubra traveled to Noctis Labyrinthus.
Nagi: Hey! I’m here Princess.
Arika: You’re late, my knight.
Nagi: Heh, as usual Princess, you’re so uncute.
Rakan: What the hell are ya saying, you brat?! You were so worried about the Princess, you kept on bugging us to hurry, hurry, hurry!
Nagi: You shut the hell up!
Rakan: Why you little bastard! You wanna get hurt!
Arika: You uncouth fool! *slap*
Nagi: Ugh.
Arika: If you have time to feel pain, then let us hurry and escape from here. (Quickly rescue me and begin escaping!)
Nagi: Okay, okay Princess. I got it; we just need to start escaping right?
Rakan: Ha hah! The man of a thousand spells couldn’t stand up to our Princess here!
Zecht: It’s exactly as you say.
Eishun: In any case, your Royal Highness/Princess, lets us make way to our hideout immediately.
Albireo: And so we brought back Princess Arika to Ala Rubra’s hideout.
Arika: Oh, so that is thy hideout.
Nagi: Well then Princess, we managed to rescue you and all but this is where it starts getting real hard. You have no allies within the Empire or Coalition who’ll help ya.
Eishun: This is, without a doubt, the truth your Royal Highness/Princess. Your kingdom, Ostia, is in the same position/situation. According to my careful investigation/In my informed opinion on the Ostian Kingdom’s status/situation is extremely bleak.
Arika: As I had suspected… My knights…
Nagi: Hey! What the heck is up with ‘my knights’ Princess… If you take a look at my class, I’m a mage.
Arika: But you’re no longer a soldier/warrior of the Coalition right? If that’s the case, then you’re all mine now.
Nagi: Wha?!
Arika: The Empire, Coalition and even my own Ostia, this means that the entire world is our enemy then?
Nagi: I guess you’re right if you put it that way.
Arika: But you and your Ala Rubra are invincible/undefeated, am I right?
Nagi: Um… Yeah…
Arika: The whole world is our enemy… Fine then, we have but seven warriors, but they are the finest/most powerful seven in the world. If that’s the case, then let us save our world!
All: Wha-!
Arika: My knight Nagi, become my shield, become my sword!
Nagi: Aw man, you’re such a scary Princess. Right then, I pledge my staff and wings to you!
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