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Never would have thought this would come to anime (though I should have suspected considering some of the things that have been animated lately). I mean, the idea of a ten-year-old girl being pressured by adults (even if they're her servants) to find men for the sole purpose of having them on hand to provide her with semen whenever she wants/needs it? And, if I recall correctly,

Still, the semen only becomes necessary a little later, when she's an "adult" (I think around the time of red beans and rice??) so while she's encouraged to get accustomed to it now, I suppose they can go for the whole series without forcing an underage girl to do that.

At the same time, the story is largely centered around the premise that the girl's eventually going to have to do that, so I doubt they're going to be able to make a good conclusion without that. Maybe she gets to that age and lies weak, wasting away, until the hero grabs a cup and excuses himself for a few minutes... That'd probably be the only way they could handle it. If there's any clear connection between the girl and the act itself, they're dead.
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