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Like some of you, I too like the first half and dislike the second half, Kirino is really getting too much for me. I mean, I know that we're supposed to be find her annoying and insufferable like the author did, but still...fact is that she's my least favorite character and it irks me that I have to see her most often, being the main character and all.

I think the reason I dislike her is, well, her obnoxious behavior just crossed the line. Even for someone with interpersonal problems, she's too hypocritical (berating his brother for looking up porn while she herself forces him to play eroge) and selfish (pretty much anything has to suit her whims) that even she must realizes that other people find that annoying. But what really annoys me is that almost no one called her out for this; sure, Kyousuke sometimes scolds her but at the end of the day, she never get comeuppance for the problems she herself cause, leaving him to suffer the consequences.

Like MeoTwister said, I really need to know what causes this hostile behavior in the first place. After all, it's easier to sympathize with someone if we know what causes to become that way (for example, Ayase). For LN-readers, can you tell me through spoiler box or PM, not the content but just whether it's already being explained already there? If so, what volume and is it possible that the anime will show this?

On a lighter note, I rather enjoy the Maschera ending, shame that it's too short. And the title for the next is so meta even Ayasaki Hayate says Daaamn!
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