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Originally Posted by Endless Twilight View Post
No. No, you don't. As Kuroneko said in this episode, there is no "right" way to write a story. Or a character, in this case.
Why did I put the quotes for that word, you think? That was a figure of speech. Furthermore, taking Kuroneko's comment in this context doesn't work well.
The subject was "why people don't like Kirino", not like "why the show/character is bad or so". So far, I don't think there was a claim she is a bad character, but the term was definitely "unlikable" which is an appreciation that can be made, since it is an opinion after all, not a fact.
Kirino is a 14 year old teenage girl. So she acts like one. You don't have to sympathize with her. The author clearly acknowledges her flaws, so he/she's obviously not asking you to, either.
Like I said, the whole deal was to explain why it is hard to like Kirino, stating exactly she should not be a Yamato Nadeshiko or whatever Mary Sue. I never dictated the series has to change that right there right now either.
That being said, you have to realize that a story must have a certain amount of traits that can make the readers/watchers relate with the characters. For a series that is characters driven, it will be a challenge for a series to actually appeal the public if the characters aren't likable. Luckily, only Kirino is an issue (and before you ask, I see Ayase as flawed, but doesn't mean I dislike her. See the point?).
It is because she is like that that the show's interesting and actually sets itself apart from typical shows of this nature in the first place. If the show was about a normal sister who gets along fine with her brother and treats him nicely there would be no plot in the first place.
You seem to assume that there is no way the show can be interesting if Kirino were a tad more considerate. And I believe it can be subtly different without being dramatically denatured, what gives? Did I say I expect her to be like Manami? Quite the contrary.
I don't see her turning serviable or even polite for that matter. That said, the simple fact there is no progress or evolution whatsoever is annoying, for lack of better words. It is stagnant no matter how you look at it. In fine, even the verbal abuse can remain like that, if, I insist, "if" Kirino displays a subtle change of heart. And no, I don't envision a tsundere trend.

Please read again my post.
Honestly, it baffles me that people, especially anime fans who have probably watched countless series before, still can't realize that fictional characters aren't always designed to be likable people.
It baffles me that you think people to have only likable characters as their expectations. How do you expect to have villains like that?

Again, you are completely missing the point of the discussion.
It was clear from the start what Kirino was like. I don't see why you've stuck with the show up to this point since clearly you're gonna be bitching about her being obnoxious every week. When it is the entire point of her character and were she any other way this show would lose its raison d'Ítre.
I'm stuck with the show because there are other characters that aren't Kirino. I don't see why you can suddenly expect me to stop watching this show or not.
If you can bear with her, fine by me, but there is nothing that force me to adopt the same attitude than yours. Please do not take your own take of the series as a fact, thanks.

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