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Originally Posted by Nvis View Post
Is it wrong of me to always like the bad girl in a series?

Poor girl got her face ripped off. But couldn't Kumagawa use all fiction to nullify it?
(Probably she could nullify it herself )

BTW, what is her true translated name? I'm seeing Ajimu, Ajimi, Najimi(da F**k?).
Well, the problem with nullifying it, is that it happened before he gained All-Fiction. As Zen and Medaka said, he didn't have th power in middle school when the incident went down. And now, considering she's probably dead or something, he has no body to reverse, not to mention, it's been a LONG time since then and it's shown that All Fiction has its limits

Not sure why she didn't heal herself... Only thing I can think of is that she didn't gain her powers until after her death and obtained whatever form she has now.
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