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Originally Posted by Claies View Post
I dunno... Hijiri and Kuga have more in common than they look. They're really good observers who passively understand their friends more than any other.

I feel like Toru will never get in a real relationship in the series. He knows full well that any girl who publicly goes out with him will get dragged hard (with him) through the mud and he won't have any of that.
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Kuga X Hijiri, a forced relationship? Hell no, I think they are suited for each other. In fact, too well...if you asking me.
Agreed, on all counts. But Toru starting the relationship is likely a obstacle and a possible arc for the series, and I'm sure everyone following the series loves Toru and Kouyuki together, another perfect couple.

Other hinted couples are actually very fitting given the authors talents at connecting the dots in relationships and individuals I trust the pairings he chooses.
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