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Originally Posted by Karakuri View Post
She isn't being treated like a " trophy "...
Sorry I mean that from a PoV of view which RF wrote far better in the sense that ppl fighting over her without her input. At least Kirito is defending her, but Heathcliff's position just doesn't feel right to me.

Originally Posted by Starlightz View Post
I hope I'm not the only one who think it's fine and understandable for Heathcliff to treat Asuna like a "trophy" (or an object)...
I'm an officer of the top Asian (well, except China) WoW guild, so I guess my mindset may be similar to grey_moon's "guild leaders of some of the bigger guilds I have met"...
Yah games like Forsaken World where guild upkeep becomes a job rather then fun can really turn a guild inside out. I used to be part of a really fun guild until the base got upgraded to a point where it was actually the mid level members who destroyed the guild rather then the leader. Maybe our leader was too nice and not manipulative charismatic enough...

Originally Posted by Anh_Minh View Post
Well, there are a few reasons why she shouldn't duel Heathcliff.

If she was to fight with the leader, then that would mean KoB really made decisions based on a duel between members. What would happen to the discipline after that, regardless of who wins?

Kirito, OTOH, is an outsider. Right now, and even after the fight, it can still be dismissed as a joke and a show.
Really nice point about why Asuna shouldn't duel her leader, also she probably holds him in high regard still.

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