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Originally Posted by desrtsku View Post
Indeed, it wasn't any weaker, it's Othinus who's (50%) broken.

You should stop reading Nasu stuff for a while. I know what I'm talking about, I've been there too.
-_- I've been busy with campione rather than nasu so I think you mean that my way of talking is the same as seeking akasha but its not its the Truth of what Aleister mean. That's what I'm pointing at.

Fiamma was in the way. Aleister had come to utterly destroy even the slightest chance of his own plan being calculated out from the incomplete incident Fiamma had caused. As such, Fiamma would not even be allowed to be taken into custody by a magical organization. At that time, Fiamma came as close to the truth of the world as he ever had.
“I see.” He only had one arm, but Fiamma of the Right slowly shook his head. “…But that no longer matters.”
The thing being sealed by imagine breaker is part of the truth of the world. (reminds me of hidden Riki)
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