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The english dub for Naruto was really well done. I love it. Malie Flannagan has done such a great job with Naruto, starting off as an annoying little kid, to now a mature and focused young adult. Sure, it was a bit bumpy the first 10+ episodes, not just for Malie but the whole cast as well, but things like this take time. And now, I consider it one of the best english dubs out there.

I remember watching Naruto on Cartoon Network and Toonami, like when they did the Naruto Hundo(which was awesome).

Along with other voice actors like Dave Wittenberg and Kate Higgins. Dave's Kakashi is so perfect, he sounds cool, mysterious, wise, and even funny. I think he is a very superb voice actor. Kate Higgins has this unique voice that can sound girly, and strong at the same time. Which is really perfect for Sakura. And now that Sakura has grown up, Kate is able to speak in her actual voice for her, making her sound more realistic and natural.

I could really go on and on about the dub cast. I think they're a very talented group of individuals that have really shaped their characters over time. I'll admit, I'm a bit biased towards them due to the fact that I grew up listening to them. I really couldn't imagine the characters having any other voices. There's so much unjustified hate for the dub too, just due to the fact it is a dub, which in my opinion is very close minded.
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