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Originally Posted by Ledgem View Post
And amazingly, CNN is projecting that he's going to win this race.

I'm really surprised. The guy exhibited poor judgment and poor behavior, and he might win - he's doing well enough to likely win? Was his opponent that bad, are South Carolina voters that forgiving, or do people just have really, really short memories?
I regularly attend a Lutheran Church, which vehemently opposed to the Gay Marriage and Abortion stuff. Of course, I chose economic and national issues to be priority. Social? Not so much, though y'obviously see me clamping on the gun thing. As long as church law retains Biblical principles, then anyone religious does not have much to worry about. Even if Gay Marriage has taken momentum, churches have every right not to observe them, as protected in the First Amendment.

Here's my take on this Sanford vote. As religious as many of these voters claim to be -- apparently, adultery is totally acceptable. If that's the case, how many of 'em have hot wives?
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