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He had no real set-up, he is a new face and new name (to us), so just like any other stock villain for a story arc (of which this arc is already jam packed full of), he can rise or fall based on how useful he could be later in the story. His fall now could greatly enhance the current story and the future plot (similar to Ace spending a 100 chapters looking for Blackbeard, then spending another 100 chapters waiting for war), or he could survive only to fall later (not all opponents must be defeated before the end, but several monumental events must transpire, and an Admiral falling is just one of many).
The likelihood of Fujitora falling in this arc is slim-to-none. He's undoubtedly the strongest person on the island. The only feasible way he could get taken down is by a team effort or someone even stronger than him intervening. The monumental event of this arc would be Doflamingo's fall. Seriously, this guy has been built up for hundreds of chapters and we finally have gotten to his arc. As I've mentioned before, I foresee this arc being the New World equivalent to Alabasta; it will be end up being pivotal and highly consequential to what's to come in the future plot.
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