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Now then, a side question. Why did psychopath's power throw those pieces of track at Mikoto when it reflected them? I thought his power caught whatever was coming at him and threw it straight back where it came from. That was an unconscious power: it would work even if didn't know an attack was coming and had no idea where it was coming from. Those pieces of track were being thrown down from the sky. They should have gone flying back up. That makes sense with the nature of his power. Throwing them at Mikoto is like that power that controls vectors suddenly started including telepathy: instead of throwing them back the way they came, it threw them at the person controlling them. It doesn't make sense for a power that he wasn't actively in control of to behave like that.
He has both passive power "Redirection" and active power "Vector Control". In that scene, I thought it was obvious that he saw the attack coming and could manipulate the vector and send it back at Mikoto. If he didn't see the attack coming [which wasn't the case], then I guess his redirection will reflect the attack from the same direction. all the people who said the last cafe scene was out of place [and wasn't in the manga], I personally thought it was great that they included it in, even if it kinda broke the dark mood.

You can see that Mikoto struggles to appear happy/fine/okay/whatever in front of her friends, she tries hard not to let them worry or get them involved. Even when her friends tells her that they're there for her if she ever needs help, Mikoto still stubbornly wants to clean the mess herself [as seen in the last seen when "supposed to be" fisheye girl [Nobu...can't remember name] asked her if she's going alone]. I thought it was good that they emphasised that it wasn't that her friends didn't try to help her [though I doubt they could do anything anyway...], it was Mikoto's choice to not involve them at all. It's part of her personality to place all the burden onto herself, and which is why there is this arc!

[Don't know if I made any sense...but that's just my thoughts xD]

Oh and this ep has a really awesome soundtrack btw! Especially the part when the Sisters come in~ The piano and guitar! Nearly shed a tear there :'D The voice acting was superb as well!

I also like how JC Staff is adapting this, especially the intertwining different segments of the story to make more impact. This was seen in ep 4 with the birth of Misaka 9982 and kind of again in Mikoto's talk with Nobu...[I really need to learn her name]. I hope JC Staff keep this up!
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