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Originally Posted by magnuskn View Post
Oh, those poor Windermerans, how much they must fear for their precious home that they can only declare war on the entire galaxy in obvious self-defence. By the glorious method of mind-raping every sentient being in the galaxy.

Wait, where did that happen before? I think it had also something to do with "Galaxy"....
Did you watch the episode? Most of them, except the young and stupid ones (like Alto was in Frontier when he eagerly believed Leon's lies and fought for them) weren't happy with the announcement (Cassim, Herman and Keith were surprised or displeased in the beginning). To most of them, the war ended and then this happened. It does confirm that a NUNS VF dropped Dimensional Weapons in Windermere and wasn't something Windermere did.

I still think Roid, Shifty NUNS Guy and Stereotypical Evil Middle East bad Guy are all plotting this together. Doesn't help that Epsilon guy is right next to Roid while he watches Heinz sing from a distance. I don't think I believe Roid that prolonging the war was Gramia's will. They are all testing the var-mind control protoculture thing for different reasons and making Heinz go to war again is the only way to see the widespread effect.

Originally Posted by Tak View Post
I still toy with the idea of dropping Zetradis onto the Wind planet and enjoy the schadenfreude.

- Tak
So they'll have more official Protoculture cannon fodder for Heinz to control as puppets? That's pretty bad idea.

"Who would understand you after I die? Who else would march forward by your side?"
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