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Originally Posted by Guido View Post
In Mexico it is a common custom to serve mole onto our enchiladas and chicken dishes, and is frequently served along with chicken, potatoes, and rice on the plate.

In fact, I like to have mole poured onto my rice, because I like the spicy flavor.
My mother would turn her nose up in disgust for you even comparing your rice to Japanese rice. She's a total purist, she'll compain about us running out of Japanese rice and then we'll be at costco and there'll be these huge 60 lbs bags of rice and I'll say "hey look rice," to which she'll respond, "please thats indian rice, not japanese rice, I guess I'll just have to drive across town to the Japanese grocery store *sigh*"

Maybe my teenage tastes aren't that refined but I can't tell that much difference between different types of rice, the main difference i see is based on how much water you put in the rice cooker determining how sticky the rice will be
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