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There's just too many awesome quotes in manga that never made it into animation. Anyway, here's mine. Not neccesarily my favourite or even the most memorable, but the ones that pop into my head.

"So long as the world returns to darkness...surely there'll be someone out there, far far away who will ignite the fireworks and illuminate the possible future. For that reason...I'm willing to sacrifice myself. For that reason, I chose to became evil."

~The Silent Bomber before bombing the Parliament~

"I don't have 'regret'."

~Akira Sawaki's casual talk after damning 4 innocent kids to self-slaughter : Pyschometrer Eiji live-action~

"Do you remember how many loafs of bread you ate for breakfast till this day?"

~Dio Brando, casually talking about human lifes like loafs of bread for consumption for breakfast : JoJo's Bizzare Adventure ~
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