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I've never been impressed with the action in CSR and this episode is no exception (understandable, consider how they mainly fight with Kei), but the fusion of the katana and HB looks like an overkill.... very cliche. I'd have loved to see a Layfon fighting with one sword in each hand. *wishful thinking*

What I like most about the episode is the very last bit when Leerin and Layfon read the letter together and brings the episode to a close. Kind of like a full circle since they recited a similar line that Leerin wrote in her letter back in the first episode. I reckon that's exceptionally done to draw out some emotional response from the viewers.

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Savaris vs Fon Fon = cliché

10 HB defeated the FM = Power Ranger.
totally agree with ya, and somebody in this thread said something about Savaris being sent off like team rockets? agree with that one too.

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