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Originally Posted by Narona View Post
It's not like that that you should think. Not thinking about "yourself", but about "if it could be seen as offensive by the other people".
Sorry but there is a limit to how much words can stay politically correct when you want to make a joke. I know of cruder ways to word it but no kinder ones. I don't think that I should apologize about the joke I intended but my apologies if it sounded offensive to anyone still.
Originally Posted by seiji_kun View Post
I'll let you judge yourself but I do think I've watched enough anime series to know how significant rolling credits are. Just take Midori no Hibi were I got my nick from. All rolling credits do is show obvious things, the they all lived happily ever after ending. You'd hardly find anything significant in it that you wouldn't have guessed.
Then you should know that those scenes are as authoritative on the anime as any other scene shown before them. You cannot just ignore them outright. The credits could as well begin rolling when Layfon was swordboarding, there's no difference.

Fun fact of the day: Same thing happened at the end of ep 2, a very critical moment regarding the plot was shown while Yasashii Uso played and credits rolled. Can you ignore that part and act as if it never happened too?
I do know which scene you're speaking of and to me that scene was hardly truly rejecting her. Felt to me more like it wasn't the time or place. If you ever watched marmalade boy, TPO is extremely important while confessing.
It's not like she offered to date or marry but she confessed through those offers. As much as Layfon may look dumb, he looked and used his tone in a way that he was aware of what he was rejecting. And he clearly refused those, he didn't say something like "let's talk about it later". Moreover, he never initiated an intimate moment with Felli by himself. I don't think his disinterest can be shown clearer than this.

In any case, I was merely saying that she wasn't his waifu, so he can flirt with whoever he likes. That's why the kick was unjustified, as always.
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