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Originally Posted by Genjo View Post
OP is going be "Küsö Mesorogiwi" by Yousei Teikoku and ED going to be "Blood Teller" by Faylan

source of info was here

i am still trying find "the creator" song from Yousei i don't know if she released it yet or not

EDITED: ah ok further looking into it, it seems the song "the Creator" is going be T.V OP after all its going be released OCT 26 lol
First of all
Please do not use that for your music news. It's not reliable as a news source at all.

Anyways you got it right the first time - Kuso Mesorogiwi is the OP for TV. It was announced few weeks ago.

The Creator was the theme for the pilot anime and the full version still isn't out. I'm personally expecting it to be the bside on Kuso Mesorogiwi single which is coming out on Oct 26.
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