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Originally Posted by LoweGear View Post
So a question to most of the people here since the ending discussions swamped just about everything, and reading the same thing being discussed over and over gets tiring after a while:

DISREGARDING the last 5-10 minutes of the game, what do people think about the rest of the game?
Well not having the ending kind of taint the impression of the game isn't easy, but will try. Besides the ending it was pretty good. There were some things I felt was odd though. Why couldn't I holster my gun? I mean really? Maybe it isn't smart to put the gun away all the time, but how did they suddenly reverse to a game where you couldn't do that? And it definitely felt like people were talking more without you getting to make a choice on dialogue. It wasn't bad, but you did notice the lack of dialogue choices. And that silly security door that slows you down .

A lot of good things though. The atmosphere felt pretty good with everything at stake and you could just feel the pressure mounting to get the job done. Plenty of emotional moments and sacrifices made along the way. It was nice to get to customize the weapons more and they gave me an option to have the helmet disappear during dialogue so I could actually equip one this time .
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