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Originally Posted by Azure-Priest View Post
After some serious thought, we can't be certain how "inner" Moka will act. She's very hard to read. She may not attack Akua at all, and may in fact, embrace little Ms yandere sis-con.

We should be prepared to see her protecting Akua from Tsukune.

Not that I want to see it happen, but it might.
Considering the fact that Outer Moka realized that she is a "fake" personality, it's pretty logical to believe that Inner Moka has regained her past sealed memories.

And if we consider, how important Akasha has been to Moka, and that it's pretty much Akua's fault that Moka has lost her, I doubt that Inner Moka would want to keep any ties that connect her with Akua.

So, while the possibility of Inner Moka siding with Akua exists, I believe there is a pretty low chance of something like that happening.
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