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So Noir is planning on putting together a demon-hunting team after training with Yuki and D'Arquien? How unexpectedly ambitious of her. It's a good plan, though. Even if the things only show up rarely, it's important that someone be around who is able to counter them, and they can't always count on those two being close enough to catch it.

Hmm... I never really noticed that her tail seems to have a permanent kink in it. I wonder if it was broken at some point...

Oy oy, you two... Eclair was just jealous, Noir, no need to rub it in. I knew Eclair had some issues with Genoise back in season 1, but I didn't think she and Noir would get quite this feisty with each other.

Aww, petting in the moonlight.

(Though Eclair has much more people on her side, for some reason.)
More screentime. And adorable adorable floppy ears.
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