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Originally Posted by Kit Kat View Post
It lead him to Ao and eventually Naru.
No, that was a lucky coincidence. He just happened to be near the site of a Scub Burst when Gen Bleu attacked.
His purpose for infiltrating a criminal organization or a rebel group was never explained.

Except Truth didn't give a shit nor was he aware that he was a Secret nor the their goal.
However he said that "Secrets are not your real enemy".
Then, what was his goal for pulling that stunt?
He is just a walking plot device. He only does what is required for the plot, with no rhyme nor reason.

Why? As stated above all Secrets have different powers and abilities, why should he automatically assume he's a Secret when he's never made contact with one nor remember his past life as a Secret?
miketyson already answered this one. He manifested Secret-like arms during the fight with Eureka. Furthermore, Naru recognized him as "her Sea Giant".

You mean the same Quartz that have send people through time?
There is nothing implying that the Quartz willingly pulled people from the future. From my understanding, the Secret-Quartz annihilation creates a time rift through which some objects from the future fell on AO's Earth (theEnd is one of those things).
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